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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yay! They Stink Worse Than We Do!

Well, it's always happy-happy joy-joy time around here when the Metsies muster a win, no matter who it's against. Which is why I'm ever so glad the Washington Nationals continue to exist. Games against the Nats are why we're not allowed to complain about having to play the Yankees 6 times a year - we get to play the Nats even more than that. (Having said that, I'm fully aware that these DC bastards essentially kept us out of the playoffs in 2007, so a pox on them).

A few quickies from last night's game, as I gird my loins to watch Bozo the Clown try to pitch today. Sigh.

(1) Four home runs? In ONE game? That was a monthly total for the Mets last year. Very nice to see.

(2) For all the shit decisions Omar has made over the past 2-3 years, this Barajas move looks like a winner. All the pop of a Molina at like 1/8th the price tag. Seems like a good guy, too. Well played, Omar.

(3) Angel Pagan also continues to impress me. I really like his all-around game, and always have. Just stay healthy for once, you scoundrel.

(4) I have never seen a ball hit as hard as Wright's that did not go out of the ballpark. I kill players who don't run hard, but even I broke into a home run trot in my apartment on that one.

So today we get the aforementioned Bozo the Clown on the hill, along with some other guy who apparently used to play shortstop for the Mets a long, long time ago. Mike Bordick? Rey something? I don't know. My understanding is he's supposed to be pretty good. We shall see.


Blogger SonnyD said...

Welcome back toastman!

Kevin Elster? Rafael Santana you say? Sweet.

Hard to get too excited about beating up on the Nats. I think the games against the Marlins are more indicative of the type of play to expect this year, unless 2 of the 4 other starters can step it up.

10:55 AM


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